Best solo of this year.

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Best solo of the year?

  • Vino on the olympics, not really a solo but it's Vino.

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Feb 5, 2012
De Gendt, don't really understand how Contador is in this poll though other than fanboyism.
Mar 28, 2012
Rabottini. He crashed with 17k to go and then he gets passed with 100m to go but still beats JRod to the line. Then he collapses/crashes into his teammates arms across the finish line. Not to mention he isn't even on a World Tour team. Ep-ic.
I was trying to remember the big and not-so big solo wins this year, so I'll edit this post as they come, starting with Will Clark early in the TDU.

Rubiano also did about 45k solo earlier in the Giro (Stage 6)
Sylvain Georges disrupted the Sagan express at the ToC, going about 45k from the finish (stage 6)

(Voeckler and Danielson both spent quality time off the front in the TDF and ProChallenge, but were helped by big early breakaways and long descents to the finish [and someone aready mentioned Voigt])
Boonen for me, even if he was more or less copying Cancellara. The fact that Sky organized a chase behind him and nevertheless kept losing ground was incredibly impressive.

Other candidates who have not been mentioned:
Terpstra at Dwars door Vlaanderen
Voeckler at Brabantse Pijl
Aug 28, 2012
I voted Boonen, impressive how he kept his lead and even extended it with Sky leading the chase

Does 2km count as a solo?:eek:, because Cataldo riding away from De Gendt on the final 2km of Cuitu Nigru was impressive even if it was the slowest finish i've seen.
Aug 3, 2009
Boonen might be obvious, but I nevertheless voted for Contador.

You see quite regularly those kind of solos (even though Boonens might have been a notch above some others) in the classics where there is no "tomorrow" to handle.

In the stage races those become less and less frequent, esp. coming from the GC contenders. So I voted Contador, because he gave us back some old style racing and that was just awesome
The Hitch said:
All were great but when the dust is settled and the smoke is cleared only one of these will be remembered for the ages.

Id pick De Gendt for 2nd.

Boonen would be ranked higher, but unfortunately for him Cancellara 2 years ago did the same trick against far better opposition and far more devestatingly.

El Imbatido
Difference being that Boonen could win it in a sprint, Canc couldn't, so he had to do it solo ;)

(also the fact that it was his 4th victory)
I don't think if you can really compare solo efforts in GT's and one day races. Boonen's Roubaix win was awesome, but so was Contador's solo especially if you see it in the context of jeopardizing your GC position in a 3 week tour.
Aug 1, 2009
It's not the same a solo in a classic than in a GT, you need cojones to launch an attack with 50km to go in a GT when you are just 28 sec below the leader and with the Bola del Mundo stage remaining
Jun 2, 2010
Boonen or Contador.
One won the biggest classic, other won almost lost GT.

Boonen it is. He did it alone, using strenght. Contador used his strenght but domestiques too. He was more exciting, tho.

Vino was great, but he was not alone.
Cancellara's win was great, but it was on not that important race.
De Gendt did great, but it was just a stage.
Dec 27, 2010
Fidolix said:
He forgot a lot!! :rolleyes:
That's the whole point of a thread like this though? I doubt any one of us would've remembered every solo mentioned in the thread so far?

Although in fairness perhaps we could've done without the poll
Spaniard said:
It's not the same a solo in a classic than in a GT, you need cojones to launch an attack with 50km to go in a GT when you are just 28 sec below the leader and with the Bola del Mundo stage remaining
I don't agree... Boonen in the PR had more cojones than Contador: he was the faster in the leading group, but he went alone anyway... with 50km remaining and with a full team (SKY) behind him...
Contador had nothing to loose... or almost nothing...
Since you refuse to add Rabottini to the poll (the best solo IMO) I finally decided to vote for Contador...was abstaining until the emotions wore off.

But he threw it all in to win or lose a GT...tener Cojones for sure!