Best Team at the dauphine

So welcome to the thread, I added up all the times from all the riders to calculate the best climbing teams not just based off the 1st 3 riders from each.

Placing to the left is from aggregate time off all riders
Placing to the right is the normal team clasification
1st Sky: 0:00 1st
2nd Tinkoff: 0:27 4th
3rd AG2R: 1:02 8th
4th Movistar 1:32 9th
5th BMC 1:58 2nd
6th Data 2:28 11th
7th Astana 2:48 5th
8th Direct E 3:28 18th
9th Ettix 4:06 2nd
10th Lampre 4:28 6th
11th Orica 4:58 7th
12th Cannondale 5:06 16th
13th FDJ 5:51 10th
14th Lotto Soudal 6:14 14th
15th Wanty Group 6:47 17th
16th Trek 8:20 12th
17th Bora 9:14 13th
18th Katusha 10:10 20th
19th Giant 10:25 22nd
20th Cofidis 10:55 19th
21st IAM 11:33 15th
22nd Lotto NLJ 12:17 21st

Sky clearly are stronger overall in depth, AG2R are a surprise, IAM have sent all their best riders to the TDS since it's their home race.

Makes for interesting Climbing depth comparison.
Anyone in this race as a domestique who put in a shift today will be answering some awkward questions from their DS tonight. Its meaningless to compare aggregate times when riders are under orders to take it easy.
-> You are a huge Sky-fan
-> Sky obviously has the best team for this Dauphine and probably the Tour
-> They did what we'd expect today, some of their members maybe slightly underperforming
-> Lets make a thread and praise their climbing depth
Richeypen said:
A 4km TT in which some riders try whilst others will be riding for the stats and some merely take it easy tells us FA.
So this. But also this:
Valv.Piti said:
-> Sky obviously has the best team for this Dauphine and probably the Tour
Sky's three climbing domestiques are: the bookmakers favourite to win the Giro when got off, the guy who lost the Tour of the Basque Country to Contador by 12" after losing 18" in the ITT, and the guy who won Liege. Their all-rounder who has only won in the flat (E3) this year and is probably going to be used up early in the climbs won Amstel Gold in the rainbow bands last year.

There are possibly going to be three Sky jerseys coming in with Contador at Meribel, and half of this forum is going to get really pissy about it. So I kind of get preemptively starting this thread. I don't think it will help matters much.

LaFlorecita said:
Quite interesting that Tinkoff is 2nd, even though they had no one in the top 30 besides Berto.
Exactly what's wrong with the thread. Contador may have 4 guys in the last 60, but then the 5th Sky guy pulls for 2 minutes and Contador is alone. Contador will isolate Sky a few times this race I imagine

PremierAndrew said:
All this really shows is that Movistar and Astana's domestiques are a lot more disciplined than Tinkoff's
Not really, everyone went full gas.

But we were all aware that Sky by far has the best team for the Dauphine, so why bother? Heck, I could even see Poels or Landa win this race on stage 6 if it gets messy and Contador once again will find himself isolated on Madeleine.
It was just interesting to see.
I think most riders put effort in since it was only as 11-16 minute effort. Which wouldn't have left too much fatigue in the legs.