best / worst moments of the 2009 TDF

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Jul 6, 2009
Best Moments
The anticipation for Mont Ventoux
Thor's solo mountain odyssey for 12 sprint points
Van Hummel's determination to stay in the race
Astana soap opera
3rd place overall by that 38-year-old guy who came out of retirement, whoever that may be
Setting the stage for a more anticipated TdF '10

Worst Moments
Anti-climactic result of Mont Ventoux
George H missing on yellow
Lance missing yellow by 0.22 seconds
Levi's broken wrist
Evans and Sastre were non-existent
Van Hummel not being able to finish
Tom Boonen was invisible
No other sprinters can beat Cav. It's good that he can win some sprints, but not all! Cav was nowhere when Thor won.