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Betsy Andreu Chapeau !!!!!

Jul 3, 2009
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I think you should include Emma O'Reilly in that title, Armstrong tried destroy her when she told the truth, he was going to do a pr campaign labelling her as a prostitute and alcoholic, and her career was curtailed thanks to the "Lance effect". Chapeau Emma more balls than any man that rode for USPS.
May 11, 2009
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When the crap was hitting the fan for Frankie in 2006 I saw him at a race. He looked broken. I asked him how he was doing and he said 'ok', but it wasn't convincing.

What a joke this bullying and intimidation was. Pharmstrong deserves to be ridiculed without limits for what he did to all of these people. His association with the sport, that I started in when I was 11, is an embarrassment. I thought I had seen some sketchy things in my time in the sport, including doping, cheating, complete disregard for the interests of riders by team mangers, unpaid salaries, and duplicitous behavior, but this systematic intimidation and mission to destroy people was worse than anything I could have ever conceived.

Absolutely unconscionable.
Jan 27, 2010
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Dear Betsy(and Frankie),

You are the true Patrons in cycling; in the past and still today.

You are a pillars of strength that obviously believe in an egalitarian society and sport. Thank you both for absorbing all the *** directed your way in the last 10+ years. Cycling will be a better place because of it.

Oh, and hopefully the Sociopath in question will eventually be reduced to near zero where he belongs.

I wish more people were like you two. Thank you.

PS: Any chance either one of you could seek out a position on the CAS or WADA? Morality like yours is hard to find