Bicycle World Record 207 mph 333 km/h

May 24, 2011
Some perspective from the BBC article on this:

Despite the achievement, one expert said the feat would "barely cause a ripple" among the mainstream bicycle community.

"There's few reference points so it's difficult to know how impressive this is or isn't," said Daniel Friebe, a sports writer who covers professional cycling.

So I don't know what record he's actually achieved, maybe fastest Frenchman with a ponytail? Either way, respect for holding on, although I don't suppose there's much choice once the thing fires up.
Mar 10, 2009
Jspear said:
What do you mean "real bike?"
Is a vehicle powered by a rocket and no pedals or mechanical propulsion a real bike? OK a rocket bike but a bicycle?
No pedals, No bicycle.

Parlor trick.

It's interesting that one bench mark used to decide if it is or isn't a bicycle is the pedal.

I often, very often, get upset-ed because bike companies, mag photos, etc. insist on using photos of "bicycles" without pedals. I believe if it doesn't have pedals, it isn't a bicycle. -they even attempt to list the "bicycle's" weight w/o pedals.

They refer to how the bicycle wiggled and squirmed on the road in review but then have a centerfold w/o the pedals.

40 years ago, heck, 20 years ago before the industry decided they could increase profits by removing the pedals, all photos included pedals.

For foto's sake, if the beloved has Shimano gizzards, include Shimano pedals etc. etc. Out of respect.

Nipplelessnude. Used the pedal to get into My pocket. The saddle and the parts that sit on it is next.

I understand some of the argument, that people use different pedals.... but hush.