Big Ben (Turner) is the new Ian Stannard.

If you've been following the cobbled classics this year, it would have been difficult not to notice Ben Turner. Ineos's least heralded new signing already seems like an established figure at the front of bunch, and increasingly, at the pointy end of the race. Coming from a CX background, like his teammates Tullet and Pidcock, it's amazing how quickly he's taken to WT one-day racing. Though he might have had a few tips from MVDP when they on the same team in 2018.

RVV wasn't originally in his schedule, but he's now replaced Luke Rowe. Probably too much climbing for him at this stage, but he does seem to have the ideal skillset for Paris-Roubaix? Most of the rest of the season I expect will, like Stannard, consist of tugging the peleton around for the benefit of Ineos's GC riders. Which is why, like Stannard, I almost wish he was on a different team.
Or the new Stijn Vandenbergh?
Very good comparison as well :) My favourite riders for a few years were Stannard, Vandenbergh and Grivko , which probably explains why I'm quite excited by Turner's debut so far.

Although I'm quite enamoured by the idea of Ineos building a young, British classics squad, I'm not sure it's the right team for him in terms of personal success. Can't help thinking DQS or even Lotto would be a better fit for him, and I'm sure they'd better off with him this year?
Big hopes for tomorrow as this race should be perfect for him from what we've seen so far. But only if Ineos finally allow him to ride for himself. Don't want to see his nose in the wind until the Arenberg at the earliest please.
Maybe too early for his own thread? He looks strong like bull but so far, he's not yet a winning rider.

At his size, hard to keep at least his nose out of the wind. It was sort of comical to see him riding behind Remco...he didn't gain 1 watt of draft!
Yes perhaps this a fanboy thread at this stage, but only because I've been amazed at how good Turner has looked so far, and he is exactly the type of rider I like. And us fans of emerging new classics riders have a small window of opportunity for representation :)
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