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Blog post from a courier in an EPO study



Pez had a link today to the blog post of a cycling courier who took part in a scientific study on EPO use. I though the post and the conversation in the comments was kind of interesting, especially since the guy wasn't actually cheating at anything.

It turns out, I was on the juice, and in hindsight it all makes sense.The EPO in my system highlighted the fact that my lungs are the weak point in my oxygen delivery system. It also made me aware of the psychology of not believing that I was on EPO (or not cheating as the context may be), days where I might have been riding above myself, I just put down to “having a good day” or “feeling strong”. It was quite easy to convince myself that I wasn’t on EPO.

Mar 10, 2009
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Good read. It's interesting to note that performance enhancement of any kind is always aided and abetted by a healthy dose of denial and a dash of twisted logic.

And if you get caught, it's always good to have a lawyer on retainer.