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BMC and Ballan

Oh look at that BMC after realising that their team sucks balls, suddenly 'clears' Ballan to get back riding. Just like Caisse found no reason to suspend Piti.

Since there are plenty of 'internal' inquiries kicking off in the Landis affair we can look forward to a lot more riders and administrators being found innocent.

Because of course Rhis and Ochowicz are committed and constant fighters against doping, who have never been implicated in doping...

A shame CN doesn't have the guts to call the teams on the bull****.
Whether or not their team was any good isn't really a factor.

They just announce non-active status to get some good PR and make it look as though they are proactive.

"Internal inquiries" would've been a few phone calls to assess the risk of Ballan going down. They couldn't give a sh1te about him doping (obviously, this is Phonak), just don't want him copping a sanction whilst he's active... Less egg on their face.