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Boo! No Podcasting!

May 14, 2009
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It seemed like every Thursday was becoming the norm for the podcast. The daily Tour ones were great, besides some days coming late and two or three at a time. The first one after the Tour led me to believe we'd be back to Thursdays. Now it's going on two weeks with no podcast. Where'd it go?

It can be really nice to get a non-inordinately-Armstrong-crazy media opinion once in a while in the states. Would love to hear another edition soon!

Daniel Benson

Mar 2, 2009
Apologies. We missed last week's podcast. MC Jeffery was away on holiday and yours truly had a dose of the flu. I could have done the recording from my sick bed but I doubt it would have been that interesting to hear a wheezing, bunged up journo splutter his way through the results from the Tour of Pologne.

Anyways, Jazzy Jeff (as he constantly makes me call him) and myself recorded a podcast just yesterday and it will be online later today. Keep your eyes peeled. It's a classic.