Question Bottom bracket for Opera bike

Aug 4, 2020
Hi all,

I recently got an old and worn out Opera Giorgionne bike from a friend. It is a bit knackered, so I have set out to update key mech components from existing ones in my shed.
Biggest issue is the crankset, which needs replacing. I have a fairly recent Chorus chainset that is coming off a carbon Bianchi bike, and Imwant to put into the Opera. However its Bottom bracket seems very different.

Q: what BB components do I need to purchase to replace the Opera BB to something that willl take my Chorus set?
I have pics, but I m not sure how to upload.

many thanks all
Chances are your Bianchi uses one of the many press fit standards, probably BB30 while your Opera frame will have a threaded bottom bracket, pretty Sure Opera used Italian rather than BSA.

You're going to need a threaded bottom bracket to suit your frame that can take the crank spindle. Campagnolo should have something available, but if you're not confident I'd recommend a good shop that carries their stuff.

Edit: If your crank is 11spd this should do it just check how long the spindle is compared to the shell first
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