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Merckx index said:
I thought Pacquiao was done--he is done, if you know what I mean--but he just announced a fight in July with Lucas Matthysse:

I really don't understand why he's prolonging a career clearly well into decline. He has nothing left to prove in the ring, and has a full-time career as a Senator now. The biggest news, though, is that he and long-time trainer Freddie Roach may be done. Pacquiao said no decision has been made about who his trainer for this fight will be, but the fact that there's even a question about Roach is big news. It doesn't help that Roach claims he was never paid for Manny's last fight.

In other boxing news, Canelo Alvarez was suspended six months for clenbuterol. This is Clinic material, so all I'll say is that it's plausible he ingested tainted meat, given he is Mexican, but by this time all athletes should be aware of the risk and take precautions. It was announced previously that his rematch with GGG was thus cancelled, and Golovkin is fighting someone else. GGG may fare worse as a result of this than Alvarez. He arguably should have been given the decision in their previous fight, but at least by winning this rematch, he could have made amends. Now any possible rematch could not take place until near the end of the year, and at his age, GGG really can't afford delays.
I was Manny's biggest fan. No longer ... for several reasons. You're right, of course, on Manny having nothing left to prove ... having won championships in 8 different weight divisions. Manny should have retired after Mayweather fight. Having decided not to ... he should have fought Crawford, Lomachenko ... or, at least, Khan. By that time ... it was (approaching) no longer about boxing full time. It was about being a real lousy politician full time and not being able to be a great boxer anymore, part time. So ... what is he up to? Manny is now delusional that he can become president. To become president you need money to finance your campaign. With enough money ... one has the chance to pull it off. So .... he's trying to stockpile future campaign money. He may very well not win that next fight. He won't win the presidency. Poor Kid Kulafu ... just stepping into the abyss for a long (stayed too long, reached too high) fall. Shame.
Boxing judges...WTH?! Your fan base is a fraction of what it once was, you can't afford to turn people off with your stupidity any longer!

Neither of the Charlo twins was overly impressive but they both won (unless you are a judge and then only 'Mall won).
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Unchained said:
jmdirt said:
1.this is the first time I have seen guys. do they go to a neutral corner?
3.there is no joy without Butterbean.
Bad ars tough guys! The owner is a huge douche' which will likely lead to a short life for the BKFC.
That's actually a corners. They can go stand by their coach when the other guy is getting an 8 count.