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Jul 27, 2009
So I want to do better at stage races, which means learning to TT.

I've tried clip-ons on my road bike, but the geometry of **** to arms to legs - which is really nicely set up now for road racing - just feels wrong, and I don't want to be fiddling with the setup of the bike ike while tired and cranky.

Similarly, futzing around with clip-ons, let alone adjusting saddles and whatnot, is a major disincentive to actually practice TTing.

So...I thought that the simplest solution would be to find some random low-end road frame - heck, aluminium would do, I'm not going to be on the damn thing for hours at a time - bolt whatever weirdly shaped TT bars suit me best on the front, and have a dedicated TT bike for not too much money.

So I started poking around looking for a second-hand frame, and then a mate mentioned that superceded Ridley Cheetahs with SRAM Rival bits and Aksium wheels (sure, cheap, heavy, and not very aerodynamic, but they'll do for training) were going for 999USD online.

Yes, support your LBS and all...but a real TT bike with adequate componentry (it is aluminium, but who cares?) for a grand?

Or is the Ridley Cheetah a horrible POS that is less desirable for the occasional TT than a converted road bike?

Opinions and suggestions appreciated.
A $995 Ridley is likely an OEM frame, but that's a pretty terrific price. Why not?

I don't know where you are in the world, but pretty much every country has something like bikesdirect.com. Chances are good you'll get something that will do the job given most of the bikes at lower price points are sourced from the same 1 or 2 vendors.
Aug 4, 2009
How much do you intend to use it I picked a frame up from Hong kong I also got a disk from there and found enough junk in the garage to set it up with a few choice fitting bars etc. all for under $1,000.

Looks good feels good but I only use it 4-6 times a year so why spend big $$$ if it dose the job and its comfortable.
Jul 8, 2009
Get a gently used one, I'd say.

I ride the Kestrel Talon, and you could do worse than that. I have the SL model as my road bike and love it and I used one for TT for a couple years before I got to the point where I needed more the aggressive geometry of a P3.

You can get a full Talon bike (2.9lb semi-aero frame) for about $1500 brand new at bikesdirect but you can find gently used Ultegra ones on ebay from time to time for $1000. There's a 55cm one there now.
Dec 7, 2010
Do yourself a favor and look into the Cervelo P1.

Even brand new, with Ultegra & Dura Ace, they sell for about $1,500. U.S.

If you find a used one in your size, you could score a great deal.

Yes, the frame is aluminum but don't be fooled for a second. The S1 aero road frame (they discontinued it this year) was an awesome bike that was also aluminum. I'd take well designed aluminum over cheap carbon any day.

A subject that was well covered here:
Mar 26, 2009
I just finished to assemble one of those TT carbon framesets you find on ebay; quality was ok for the price.


May 14, 2010
Michele said:
I just finished to assemble one of those TT carbon framesets you find on ebay; quality was ok for the price.
Well it is all over now:confused: When Italian guy buy China TT frame i new it is a good frame.

Post a picture Michele.
Stay well!
Oct 7, 2010
If you are going to invest in a dedicated TT bike, then set it up so it will make a difference timewise..

Buy a carbon TT frame/fork on E-bay - approx $500 US
Use your old components ( or buy used).
Get a decent handlebar set up - ebay or used
swap your pedals over when you need to.

Buy some decent deep carbon wheels to be used for Road and for TT - have seen people use 60mm front, 80mm back for both. Spend money on decent tires. US$400 + tires

All up , no more US$1,500 for dedicated TT, carbon frame & wheels, not to different from what the pros use.
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