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Cameron Mason doesn't deserve a front row start

If only he had the explosivity of another Scotsman, Charlie Aldridge - who I'd love to see have a go at CX; but is an out and out MTB racer , like most of the top male racers......
Yes, it would be great to see him racing cx. There are quite alot of british xc riders who used to but now don't. Corran Carrick Anderson, Harry Birchill (though now only really a road rider at Saint Piran), Joe Blackmore, Cameron Orr. Interestingly I did saw a Thomus rider on the mens start grid at Loenhout, but I can't work out who it was. And Alessandra Keller was also racing the world cup Hulst, but that's something less surprising given we've seen the likes of Neff, Terpstra, Tauber and obviously Ferrand Prevot and Richards all dabble with the world cups.