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Campagnolo Athena vs. Chorus

Aug 14, 2009
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hello all

currently running Campy Chorus 11 on one of my bikes, and I'm looking to build out another bike with Athena 11.

Anybody have experience riding Athena 11 here?

Anybody have experience riding both?
Mar 19, 2009
Yes, and yes. The only noticeable difference is that there's no carbon in the derailleurs or cranks, most of the parts are all silver alu. I have an all alu Athena group from 2 years ago, but I think Athena has a carbon crank arm option this year. Athena preforms just like Campy should,,, Sweet!
... Yes they do, just checked it.
ViaPagliano said:
Awesome. Thanks, man, you're always helpful.

Any experience with Ultegra in comparison to Athena?

I think lever ergonomics of each should be the determining factor. If ya like the new shape Campagnolo, go that way, if 6700, that way. If it's a wash I would say Campagnolo. Better BB/crank. More functional levers in terms of RH(rear) cog selection number and LH(front) in terms of FD fine adjustment.

Cogset ratio is great with Campagnolo if you want a 12-29..shimano has a 11-28(no 12-27 this year altho a 6600 12-27 will work fine).
Like Velonews mentioned, Campagnolo is elegant, very functional, a joy to ride. 6700 is a workhorse, reliable, great brakes and FD...both are great, both better than sram of any kind(IMO)..I like the elegance and comfort of Campagnolo.