Cancer research and cancer support

Sep 4, 2012
Reading a lot of comments on the clinic, I am worried that Armstrong is polluting cancer support charities in the same way that he pollutes cycling.

Research into cancer cures is valuable. But there is also a lot of work done by other charities which does not involve research. For example, my father received a hospital bed for the house during the late stages of his illness.

Cancer support is extremely valuable for many people. It can take a lot of different forms. Cancer "awareness" can take valuable forms too. For example, support groups for survivors and families.

You can choose not to support Livestrong specifically: for example, a lot of their spend goes to admin and fundraising. It's fronted by a criminal! Armstrong using his cancer charity as a kind of human shield is despicable. But it would be sad if people denigrate *all* the valuable cancer support and awareness that goes on because of Armstrong and Livestrong. Worse really than his effects on cycling.