Cavendish victim of Twitter impersonator

Apr 11, 2009
Takes all kinds of crazy nut jobs, I guess. Hopefully Twitter has made it easier for guys like Cavendish to get rid of these accounts and shut the impostors down; there have been other recent cases of famous people not being able to shut off the bogus accounts. Here's my thoughts on Twitter if you care to read...
Mar 10, 2009
Well what keeps a person with the same name from setting up the same twit account? Names are not unique enough to prevent this from happening, don't believe me search for your name on the internet and see how many pop up! Sure you are unique but not your name.

I know I know, in this case it is a true impersonation but much like domain names if you buy it you own it, whether you have the company name or person's name. Twit? Well I'm sure they'll fix it under the circumstances but you'll be fooled again.
Mar 11, 2009
same thing with facebook
if anyone is 'friends in FB with Phil liggett , its not him: he told me
"never used the thing"