Celebrity chef douchebag

Apr 11, 2009
Back in the mid 90's a state house representative in Washington State, who represented Bainbridge island, stated clearly one day on the floor of the state house that the "only solution to the bike problem was wider bumpers on the trucks".


Max Cadence said:
Thanks. The title of that thread, "Brad Wiggins and Robbie McEwen," gave me no indication of its contents. Totally missed it.

its ok, i started one yesterday making the same mistake.. can we try and make thread titles more relevant guys.. :D
This guy is a bit of a douch. I used to watch Saturday Kitchen as he does get some decent chefs on there sometimes, but then he did this show about him entering the Mille Miglia car rally. Not only did he reveal himself to have an ego bigger than his oversized house, but it also turns out he's a bit of an douchy sexist while he's at it. Didn't think guys under 40 were still like that.