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Jun 16, 2009
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no this isn't a thread on any pro riders or dopers but this has been driving me nuts and i just have to vent.
Here in the good ol USA it seems like everybody is riding across the country to raise awareness of some disease. Thats great, but i had a little encounter with such a benevelont individual recently.
This person got an insane amount of publicity, got all over TV, talk shows, in magazines, on websites which i thought was a good thing at the time.

then i happened to cross paths with this person getting a tow for literally miles by the support crew, in the middle of nowhere. Still i tried to think the best, this person had publicity engagements in many cities and i know the next one was way too far to be reached in the time allotted. 400+ miles in about 8 hours.
But then i started thinking, you could make an entire crossing of the us and get great personal publicity and actually only ride an hour or two a day. You run the camera a few times, do an internet feed here and there and basically get towed all the way across america. Stick to the more remote routes to get in touch with the" real people of america" blah blah blah.

Its something that i never thought someone would do, hide behind a charity ride to promote themselves.
i hate cheaters