Choose the best stage of the GT

Aug 31, 2012
Choose your favourite stage of each GT (Tour-Vuelta-Giro) and between them, the best stage of the year in a GT.
Aug 5, 2012
^ Yeah that's number 1 for me as well.

From the Vuelta stage 16 and stage 7 from the Giro.
Alpe D Huez stage of the TDF- I watched that stage 3 times.

Stage 20, 8, 9 and Cav's 2nd win were also good. I liked the stage 4 TTT, OGE won, Gerrans got yellow/ I saw it :)

In the Vuelta both of Moreno's wins, Cancellara in the ITT and Horner on stage 10 were good, but the Angrilu was the deciding factor in the race/ the best stage.

At the Giro i liked stage 7- where Hansen won (to ride 6 GT's over the last two years is amazing). Stage 10 and 14 were also good stages, stage 20 was great but we knew Nibali would win by then- so stage 15, in my view was the best.
Probably the echelon stage for me too. None of the mountain stages really exploded like they could have. There was the Tour stage where Porte was dropped early, but other teams failed to fully capitalize on the weakness of Sky on that day. None of the Giro stages really grabbed me, nor did the Vuelta stages. The Vuelta had a consistent high level, but there was a lack of dynamics and a truly exciting stage for longer than the final climb.
May 31, 2013
The stage early in the giro that paolini won with hesjedal attacking was pretty exciting, but the echelon tour stage was fantastic
Uhh probably the Abruzzo stage, even though no one attacked, Nibali and Wiggins' descending made it interesting (good win by Hansen too). Wasn't any great stages this year that instantly jump out.
1st: Stage 7 : San Salvo - Pescara (162 km)
2nd: Stage 8 : Gabicce Mare - Saltara I.T.T. (54.8 km)
3rd: Stage 3 : Sorrento - Marina di Ascea (222 km)

1st: Stage 13 : Tours - Saint-Amand-Montrond (173 km)
2nd: Stage 9 : Saint-Girons - Bagnères-de-Bigorre (165 km)
3rd: Stage 17 : Embrun - Chorges I.T.T. (32 km)

1st: Stage 20 : Aviles - Alto de Angliru (144 km)
2nd: Stage 14 : Baga - Collada de la Gallina (And) (164 km)
3rd: Stage 10 : Torredelcampo - Guejar Sierra/Alto de Hazallanas (176 km)

Overall winner:
Stage 13 : Tours - Saint-Amand-Montrond (173 km)
For me Angliru. The fog, the battle and the epic crowds on some sections, even blocking the cameras on cuena las cabres in the heat of the fight

I think the question which was the worst stage is more interesting cos we had some real all time contenders. Galibier though snow maybe partially responsible. But it can't hold a candle the Pyrenees stage of the tour and the grand bornand stage. I doubt there have been worse stages in history.

brilleaben said:
Stage 19 of the Giro.
Aug 16, 2011
Giro: Got to be Tre Cime, the final decisive stage with Nibali riding in solo in the snow to take the stage and overall win. That was just an epic scene. Special mention to stage 7 and 3 as well.

Tour: Annecy, loved watching Quintana attack and ride in solo for not only the stage win but also the KOM and 2nd on GC. Alpe d'Huez a close second, and also really enjoyed the winds on stage 13.

Vuelta: No contest, Angliru takes it easy. Tony Martin on stage 6, and Barguil on 16 were also really good.

For favorite of all, I'd have to say Angliru. Was great to watch Elissonde soloing in to the stage win, while at the same guy Nibali delivered attack after attack to try to break away. Plus the situation of the top 2 being separated by only 3 seconds added to the excitement. Tre Cime a close second, simply because of the scene at the top.
May 3, 2011
Who would have thought at the start of the year that many peoples' favorite stage would be one won by Cav!
Giro: Sorry it was a blur of cancellara mt stages. Tbh I didn't find the whole giro much interesting. Mabe the final stage where Nibali won... was that Tre Crime? That one was good then!

Tour: The stage where Porte was blown, the echelon stage, the final mountain stage was pretty good, well actually most mountain stages were pretty good.

Vuelta: Probably Angliru, although there were again many good stages to pick from