Choppy Warburton: A prototype Michele Ferrari or a misunderstood David Brailsford?

Aug 9, 2011
fmk_RoI said:
:) nice review

fmk_RoI said:
What Moore's book is really about is painting a picture of Warburton and his riders and the cycling world they operated in. For me, this - not the doping, although it goes without saying that I enjoyed that bit too - was what made The Little Black Bottle such a fun read.

This lost world of multi-manned pacing machines fascinates me. We have forgotten that, in its earliest years, Paris-Roubaix was raced behind multi-manned pacers, and later behind petrol-driven ones. The myths wrought by the disciples of Desgrange mean we have forgotten that, even in that great era of individualism, cycling was very, very much a team sport. It's nice to be reminded of what the earliest days of this sport looked like.
Yo fascinating, also the one-on-one races in the good old days

fmk_RoI said:
The simple fact is, Warburton was a shady character, operating in a shady sport. But he was probably no better or worse than many of his peers. In collating as much of the available evidence on Warburton and his charges as he could, Moore shows that the story of Warburton's little black bottle is, unsurprisingly, far from black and white.
same opinion (in german)

fmk_RoI said:
A prototype Michele Ferrari or a misunderstood David Brailsford?
No, the one and only ;)



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