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Chris Horner Breaks Wrist?

Involved in a crash, at today's Basque Country stage, along with another Astana rider, Daniel Navarro.
Taken to hospital.
Reported by LA, via Twitter, to have suffered a broken wrist.
Another problem for their prospective Giro team, if confirmed.
Apr 1, 2009
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Horner is the man. Today's news is that nothing is broken but he is flying to the us for further tests.
Yates has said that after putting a monster effort in stage 3 at the Basque race, he was with the chasers, 1 min behind Contadoper, and was climbing like nothing was going on. The other chasers were in the red...
If he is ok and no fractures, I would expect a serious performance by Chris at the Giro...
Also, if you catch some of his comentary in velonewstv, he is quite the commentator as well. A lot better than that Andreu poser....