Christmas for Chuck

Oct 25, 2010
Aug 3, 2009
This is the bit that I love:

Last week, Coyle told VeloNews that he believes he knows who ordered the products, but was “explicitly told” that to name them would expose him to a defamation lawsuit
Was this accompanied by a horse's head in his bed?
Jun 16, 2010
They changed ownership and got a new editor earlier in the year. Before that, they would never, ever mention doping. Now they have printed some of my letters to the editor on their (now abandoned) online edition regarding Lance's doping. Neal Rogers has written some pretty good articles in both the print and online editions. Andrew Hood had his head way in the sand until just this last few weeks. I think even he is finally beginning to get it.

Plus Trek doesn't advertise much anymore. I mean, who really cares if the Madone 7 weighs 22 grams less than the Madone 6. With Lance's fortunes sinking, Trek's will also. I'm sure they will still sell a lot of mountain bikes and kids bikes and stuff. But no serious racer is lusting after their stuff anymore like they did when Lance was winning the Tour on Treks.

I think the lack of pressure from Trek gives VeloNews a lot more freedom to criticize Lance in particular and doping in general. John Burke is just a thug. I'm sure his father is rolling in his grave at the thought of turning an eco-friendly purveyor of hand-brazed (actually silver soldered in the early years) frames into a front for a doping ring.
Jun 18, 2009
this tidbit here is particularly awesome:

"Although Coyle declined to respond to questions for this article, it should be noted that he runs a mail order business out of his house, so there are likely many packages coming and going everyday."

soooooo....he's selling old stuff on Ebay. I see the packages going out. I'm not seeing all of the packages coming in, unless of course he was a frequent flyer of Papp's business? Let's see, chamois cream, brake cables, boxes of EPO... Sure, it seems reasonable.

Tygart's comments are particularly telling as well, since really he's a guy who generally goes out of his way not to comment on this stuff.

As someone on VN commented, either way, he's either guilty or too stupid to race.
Mar 17, 2009
When the story first hit and I heard he had some business, get some pro old brown striped bibs and sell them on line. I thought hey the pro give him their old stuff for his new"junk", then he hawks the sweat stained jerseys on his site. Pretty cool. He makes money both ways :D