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Clinical hypnotism and Mental training yeah or nay ?


Jun 16, 2009
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Adageo Energy Training Camp Included Hypnosis

Training camp culminated with a presentation by Adageo Energy Team Director Josh Horowitz, co-creator of “The Ultimate Cyclist” CD. Horowitz’s mental coaching has helped athletes win more than 40 national and world championship titles, including a podium finish at the Tour de France and three victories at the Amgen Tour of California.

Mental training is every bit as important as physical training, Horowitz said.

“Most people focus on physical training and bike technology to make themselves a better rider, but you will never become stronger than your mind believes is possible,” he said. “The mind is more powerful than most of us can comprehend. So strengthening it is just as important as putting in time in the saddle.”

Clinical hypnotism was approved by the American Medical Association in 1958 and by the American Psychological Association in 1960. Horowitz’s session to the team’s riders and staff members utilized their subconscious minds to receive positive thoughts that included mental imagery and affirmations to instill focus and confidence in his riders for this weekend’s race and the entire season.

AET did spend four days in Lake Mead, putting its Leopard Cycles DC1 bikes to the test training in and around the largest reservoir in the United States while being briefed daily about sponsors and new equipment. During the entire camp, the squad’s riders and staff lived on Forever Resorts houseboats at the Callville Bay Resort & Marina.

Full report By Bicycle.net on February 25th, 2010: http://www.bicycle.net/2010/adageo-energy-training-camp-included-hypnosis
Aug 12, 2009
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Escarabajo said:
Can you do hypnosis on the riders so they can subconsciously tell you how much dope they have taken throughout the years?


I can think of better. Hypnotise LA to gush on Twitter his hidden affections for a certain Spaniard. That would be funny.
Jan 29, 2010
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I seem to recall (its a few years back) that Chris Eubank said Steven Collins was hypnotized just before getting in the ring for a title fight that Collins won.

Eubank said that this had given Collins an unfair advantage, as he was able to take Eubank's punches. This theory was denied by Collins afterwards.
Jan 30, 2010
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Whilst I think the hypnotherapy is a bit much, I do agree with the statement that the mind is more powerful than what most of us can comprehend.

But, whatever helps any person get over their subconcious mental barrier, I could not argue against. It can't hurt... and it just might help...