Cloudride 100k X 2 Person Tag Team

Jan 3, 2014
One of the new options for the 2018 Monaro Cloudride is the two person Tag Team option with riders riding alternate 100k legs. This option is targeted at riders who are time poor or don't have bikepacking gear to attempt the 1000k solo route but yearn to get out on the shire backroads and remote country trails.

Entries open January 2018 for a 30 March race start.

On the Cloudride 1000 website I have now provided some detail on 'RULES' and 'RIDER SERVICES' relating to the two person Tag Teams. A prescribed vehicle route will be provided to ensure that vehicles are off the race route at every opportunity.

Tag riders must ride self supported on their 100k leg. No hand over of food or water will be permitted by anyone.

The vehicle driver must be the alternate rider unless every team agrees to have a third person as a team car driver. I'm nor excluding a third person in the car but clearly it's going to be unfair if some teams have a relief driver.

Proposed 'Tag Points' are detailed on one of the 'BLOG' posts on the website.