Contador comments about Giro 2010

Dec 1, 2009
Hey people!
I was wondering is there anybody watching Giro in Spanish eurosport? I'm watching this year's giro on justintv, and several times it was some Spannish channel, and they seem always have Contador live on line at some stage of the race, commenting. I'd love to know what he is saying...
Sep 21, 2009
That channel wasn't Spanish eurosport. I heard him on the first few days. As a commentator he's nowhere close to Delgado. He can answer questions but it looks like he's not a good communicator and can't articulate long explanations.

If you don't know it's him you'd think most of the time he's just another armchair cyclist. The TV channel commentators didn't help either. It's the first time that that channel broadcasts a bike race and they also look like armchair fans. Only in the initial ITT he gave some insightful comments on TT bikes, ride position and bike handling in technical courses. After that it was just answering silly questions from the commentators about who will win the stage, how do you see the chances of this or that rider for the overall, and so and so.

I gave up on them after a few days. I just read yesterday on another forum that Cadel Evans arrival to the Zoncolan finish was not shown because of a break for commercials