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Could Merckx Beat Armstrong Today?


May 6, 2010
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DrC0721 said:
I think the 65 year old would annihilate him. Buffet belly and all.

This get my vote for the lamest post of the year. I'm guessing that you would just be topping the first climb about now had you been in the race...way to go chump....umm sorry I mean champ!:rolleyes:
May 14, 2010
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Andre.J said:
Or could Lance beat Merckx in 1970? It is a stupid thread.

Let's see, what forum is this in? Not the Clinic. OK, here goes.

First, it is a stupid post. Totally.

But as to the question of whether Lance at his strongest point could have beaten Merckx in, say, 1970: not a chance in hell. Not if they were on the same program.