Cross training for cycling

Jul 20, 2009
So I have a gym in my new building and I've taken on a new routine of cardio and muscle training.

I gotta say the eliptical machine has been a great alternate aerobic movement from the bike. And I've seen great improvement in not only overall fitness, but the way I use my muscles on the bike.

For one my heel down pedaling is way more comfortable where as before i keep having to correct my foot position. My cranks feel much longer meaning my pedal revolution feels bigger and more powerful. (my guess is from the short revolutions on an eliptical) and its taken out a nasty crick in my back it seems.

I guess its just muscle confusion at this point but its had a great effect on my riding! I'm wanting to climb when ever i can cause it feels alot better!

Something to consider, not just riding the bike for cardio, change it up for a min!!!
Jul 23, 2009
Sounds like you need a new bike - saw a couple of these on the Death Ride this year.

Jul 10, 2009
I road alongside a couple guys at different points on the course...with the gearing they had they seemed to be able to climb just fine...i did not see them descend though...that would have been interesting.