Cycling Blog

Jun 30, 2010
I'm trying something new. I have considered starting a coaching business but have instead decided to start a training blog offering free training advice and explanations on the physiology of cycling. I am a doctoral candidate at Oklahoma State University in Exercise Physiology with a Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences, additionally I am a category II racer who has just recently started racing again following a two year layoff.
The blog serves several purposes: 1) because of my profession, writing skills are extremely important. I'm hoping the blog will help to enhance these skills 2) I view the blog as another way to improve my understanding of and ability to explain exercise physiology to others, I hope this will complement my teaching and research responsibilities and 3) I want others to have access to information regarding their own training for those who can't afford a coach or choose not to hire one and/or to help those who do have a coach better understand why they are doing specific training/workouts. If interested check it out at
Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks.