Cycling in Belgium

Oct 8, 2009
Hi Folks,

I moved to Belgium about six moths ago and have become very interested in road racing.

I would like to get involved in racing and training myself.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of some amateur teams etc. in Belgium?


Apr 29, 2009
I'm pretty sure Belgium is the easiest but least forgiving country in the world to go bike racing. Turn up at a Kermesse and get your *** kicked, week after week after week. Race entry fees are minimal, but I believe you need a license as well.

No idea about teams though, but I imagine they are plentiful. Try google.
As you might have learned by now, Belgium is basically two countries in one. Are you in Flanders or in Wallonia? If you are in Flanders, you can find a list of teams using this tool (select your region and 'clubs met renners'):

Then select a team near you and send them an email to find out if you can train with them.

If you want to enter races, you can start with pure amateur races (usually no licensed riders). You only have to turn up to ride. A calendar can be found here (races from may-september, so the calendar is empty now):

You can also try Gentlemen-races (amateur races sanctioned by the Flanders Cycling Federation aka Vlaamse Wielrijdersbond), which are for non-licensed riders. For those races, you have to buy a day license for 5 euro's + an entry free. There may be special entree requirements (only for people who live in a certain region for instance), so make sure you are allowed to compete. The Calendar of races can be found here:

The pure amateur races are usually up to 50 km's. If you want to go up to 100 km's (and against better riders), you can ride cat 1.18 (up to 80 km) and 1.18 open races (80-100 km). You can ride with a 10 euro day license + entry fee.

If you live in Wallonia, you can look for a team here:

Then get them to help you, since my French is horrible :cool:

PS. I just googled and translated this for you, I don't have any experience racing in Belgium.
Jun 9, 2009
Go to your local shop and ask around. Word of mouth is the best way to find group training rides, which are the best way to get information about racing.
Jul 14, 2009
If you live anywhere in the triangle(Gent, Antwerp, Brussels) You can find a club or 2. Beveren and Mecelen. Have some good clubs also. Go to a shop. Good luck.
Oct 16, 2009
If you have never raced before, you should check out the calenders of VWF ( -> Kalender weg) or WAOD ( -> Wedstrijdkalender). This are two cycling federations that organise up to 4 or 5 races each week. Categories are based on your age and distance is between 40km (for the cyclists up to 65 years... and older...) and 70km ( A categorie, age between 16 and +-30). Average speeds is usually 40 to 42 km/u. Licence costs about 60 euro and include insurance.

Where in Belgium do you live?