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Cycling socks bunching under one foot's toes?

Aug 4, 2009
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Cleats too far forward or back

Try as a guide size 10 shoe with cleats 10 mm behind the ball of foot.

check also you are not moving from hip or knee causing you to move feet inside the shoe.
But get the ball of foot over the pedal centre and that should stop the foot moving and causing the socks to bunch up.

make sure shoe is not too big an extra lining inside will tighten the shoe if need.

If all this fails write to Steve Hogg at pedal pushers via CN fitness forum.
Jul 27, 2009
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richwagmn said:
I wonder about this. I'm always tightening the straps on this shoe.

Next time you put them on do the straps up to normal tension, then push down on the rear of the right shoe as if you were trying to slip it off. If you get any sort of significant movement it could be too big and your foot may be slipping around inside the shoe.

Another way to test, try two socks on the right foot and go for a ride.
Jun 18, 2009
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I do toe clench. I could try to make sure I don't but I know I do it just when sitting at a desk for instance.

When I rode yesterday I paid attention to my right foot and noticed that my foot slightly slides forward in the shoe at times (bumps, standing). I didn't notice in my left foot at all. I a often trying to adjust the straps on that shoe.

I can't actually seem to get my sidi shoe on my right foot to not slide forward without really strapping them down super tight. My left foot feels fine.

I'll try a thicker sock on my right foot (or two socks) and see what happens.

Someone suggested a cleat position change to. Would moving the cleat forward or backward help?