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The amazing Anna Kiesenhofer win gave me the idea of the thread where you could post your suggestions : which cycling stories you would love to see on well-directed and well played "BASED ON TRUE STORY" MOVIE. But not as documentary movies but as real drama movies.

eg.: Frozen Milan-Ssn Remo 2013 , Van Aert and MVDP flight from the childhood till present, Cavs underdog story of this Tour, etc.
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Rigoberto Uran.
I'm going for non-linear here, with London Olympics as a highlight quite close to the end, ending with the birth of his first child.
It's a story of a cyclist from Colombia whose father gets murdered, who moves to Europe, manages a great career among the top cyclists in the world, without ever reaching the absolute top but becoming an icon in his country, a mentor for young cyclists, a successful brand and a loving husband and father, in the end, despite all discipline, prioritizing life, coolness and money over cycling fame.
Title: Rigo - A lush life.
Played by: Ryan Guzman.
Johan van Summeren winning Paris-Roubaix 2011.

Garmin already made a short docummentary about that you were able to watch on youtube but I can't find it there anymore. I wish I could just post it instead of writing everything down but there you go. :p

In summary: Johan was struggling with tendinitis that spring and it was unsure whether he would have been able to recover in time and start the race. Garmin was really packed with cobbled specialists that year- Hushovd, Haussler, Klier, Hammond, Vanmarcke, Maaskant, Farrar. They could potentially line-up a team that was 100% consisting of riders who had finished in the top5 in PR, RVV or GW before. Hushovd was probably 2nd biggest favourite of the race after Cancellara. He came 2nd the year before and 3rd two years earlier. He also wore the World Champion jersey which would have made his win even more special. It was his biggest dream and biggest goal to win PR one day. Garmin had pretty abysmal results earlier that spring for such a packed team. Despite having to many good riders in the team, Vaughters decided that Hushovd would have been the sole leader and the tactics was to try to have small group sprint for him on the velodrome.
With Van Summeren's form being very uncertain, the taks he was assigned for by Vaughters was just to go with any attack that formed after Arenberg and see what happens.

The race didn't start great for Garmin with Haussler and Hammond crashing out but there were indeed attacks after Arenberg and Van Summeren managed to find himself among the attackers. The group didn't look hugely threatening at first but with lack of co-operation in the main group, its chances looked better by every minute. Johan attacked on one of the last major sectors, leaving the rest of his breakaway companions behind. Meanwhile, behind him Cancellara tried some accelerations but wasn't really able to drop Hushovd, which put him in a difficult situation, because Thor was a better sprinter who didn't even have to work having a team mate in front. Cancellara didn't really have team mates with him. Hushovd did have Rasch and Vanmarcke but of course they wouldn't work too hard when they realised that Van Summeren had a shot at winning. It all played in Van Summeren's favour.
Eventually, Cancellara was finally able to drop Hushovd and was approaching Van Summeren quickly. As it turned out after the race, the Belgian rode the final few kilometers with a flat tyre! He was able to withstand the chase, nonetheless, taking the biggest win of his career and saving the spring for his team.

What makes it even more film-worthy was that Immediately after the race, Van Summeren proposed to his girlfriend, giving her the cobblestone trophy. She accepted IIRC.

One Garmin rider you could see was not ecstatic was Hushovd. He congratulated his team mate but you could see from his face that deep inside he was disappointed it was not him who won the race. He didn't know at the time, but it turned out that it was the last year during which he had the legs to be in contention for the win in Roubaix. That could add another dimension to the film.

Edit: LOL, I'm not even sure if his name is Vansummeren or Van Summeren. Both options appear quite frequently in search results.
"The Ghost of Fabio Casartelli." The story of a how a teammate's death inspired Lance Armstrong to win a stage, defeat cancer and then win 7 consecutive Tours. Dastardly David Walsh unsuccessfully tries to derail Lance throughout. Johann Bruyneel is portrayed as more of a Mickey Goodmill-to-Rocky type character.
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"The Ghost of Fabio Casartelli." The story of a how a teammate's death inspired Lance Armstrong to win a stage, defeat cancer and then win 7 consecutive Tours. Dastardly David Walsh unsuccessfully tries to derail Lance throughout. Johann Bruyneel is portrayed as more of a Mickey Goodmill-to-Rocky type character.
It was explicitly mentioned in the OP that it was supposed to be a drama, not a comedy ;)
An 'Amores Perros' style hyperlink drama with three stories running in parallel before ultimately colliding.

A ruthless corporation's head has been tainted by scandal and implication in a major fraud, and is manipulating behind the scenes to seek rehabilitation of his public image. To this end, he attempts to piggyback an upcoming event to look like the hero that cleaned up the fraud, rather than the complicit milquetoast who was caught up in it, and has pulled every string imaginable to guarantee the result that the people want in order to achieve that.

Simultaneously, a group of opportunistic politicians have acquired the rights to a major event, and, following a financial crisis, seek to recover the goodwill of the people through sports-washing and feel-good narratives. They invest money in an area with little competition, save for in one major part of that event which is to be their opening gambit. They have a precocious, talented but arrogant wildcard to keep happy in order to succeed in their quest, and need to keep the egos behind him in check. To this end, they plan everything down to every meticulous detail to guarantee the result that people want in order to achieve that.

At the same time, a career criminal, regarded as a hero in a far-flung part of the globe but a thorn in the side of the corporation, has seen an accident at work end his career, but agrees to embark on one final quest to go out in style much akin to Randy the Ram, zeroing in on the one day which affords him the opportunity to go out in a blaze of glory. Working towards this, despite his lack of repentance he becomes an anti-hero, with a series of complex relationships contrasting entertainment and style with morality and empty PR.

Their fates will all collide, one August day in London...
I think I'd also like a film about the Strade Bianche, I'm just not exactly sure about the plot.
I suppose it would start with an organizer who wants to make this race big, that person could be a complete invention, who fights against obstacles, people not believing, lack of money, lack of support, the usual stuff. Also a love story of course, most likely between a bike-maker (male or female) who has a love for vintage bikes, working in their workshop somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Tuscany, and an evil rich Ferrari-lover, who then starts to become nicer and gets the passion of bike racing when he or she has a car breakdown on one of the white roads and needs to take a race bike. They put serious money in the race...
The two get together, but eventually break up because one is a hardcore fan of Sagan and one is a hardcore fan of Valverde and they fight badly over whether bad weather is acceptable for a bike race. The years go by and the race gets bigger and bigger, we get to see some stunning race action, and eventually there's a crazy day in mud on which Tiesj Benoot wins the not-so white roads, everyone freaks out and calls it the greatest one day-race there is, and the two get together again. Another young Belgian rider with exceptional hair, more a crosser than a full time road racer, finishes on the podium and in the last scene you can see him on the next morning, when the weather's sunny again, looking back on the white roads, saying "I like this race, I'll be back".
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