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Jun 9, 2010
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jens_attacks said:
never understood on what plants this guy denkoff is rollin.

the song is cool though.don't forget,alberto can break ya neck anytime.and ricco used to do that too.

Denkoff is like daotec tho... but Denkoff's english sux big time =D

In before close?
Denkoffs is funny and strange. Looking through his thread lists is good for a laugh.

1 thread that doesnt appear there because it was deleted though is

" Vino is gay" :eek:

In another thread he dumped on Vino being a coward.

He seems to have something against Vino :rolleyes:

But heres another gem

Alberto Contador doped or clear.

to which Wallace replied as follows

Wallace said:
From what I remember of the The Invisible Man, he had to take drugs to become completely transparent, so I don't see any opposition between your two choices. Alberto Contador does seem to be completely visible however much he might wish he could disappear--if you have some evidence that he has recently acquired the ability to become invisible, I'd like to see it, because that would be awesome.

I hope this is what you meant, because if this is just another "did AC dope or not" thread, that would be really boring.