Danish CN gathering

So, we have lots of Danes on CN posting on the daily, so I figured it would be fun to meet during the summer or something and go on a ride, drink some beers or something like that. Maybe both?!

I live in Aalborg and would be interested in if you guys are up (Redhead, toby, Netserk etc etc.) and where you guys live. I would prefer somewhere in Jutland, maybe in Vejle at Danmark Rundt.

EDIT: Other nationalities are obviously welcome as well, but I figure it would be quite a trip for most :p
CPH is too far, man. Altho I would like to visit that café at some point, but Im not too fond of Plesner I must admit...

Superb, jsem! Would be cool. Would probably make the most sense to do it at Tour of Denmark since most people are home from vacation at that point as well.



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