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Del Moral scathing of Vaughters' personal doping on USPS

Mar 13, 2009
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JV starring in El Pais.


The testimony of Jonathan Vaughters , Garmin's current director, also based in Girona, and former teammate of Armstrong, is what gives more clues about the team's Spanish accent. "One day in August 1999, talking to Bruyneel told him in the squad was said that Armstrong was so good because he used doping developed by NASA," says Vaughters in his testimony. "And Bruyneel laughed. 'If they knew,' he said, 'we use the same products in the ONCE met even less ... "

Vaughters began his cycling career in the modest Santa Clara. It was 1994 and there he began his relationship with the EPO. In 1998, came to the U.S. Postal Vaughters where Bruyneel had not yet landed, Del Moral and Martí. The doctor was then Pedro Celaya, Basque. Vaughters that Celaya, whom he describes as a slow, quiet, good talk and psychological skills, EPO injected him and explained their effects.

Free of the oath to the USADA, however, have other former teammate of Vaughters, anonymously-few who dare support has fallen: this is the system-a different version: Celaya was actually a firefighter, watch out fires in the team, as each rider had his own work dopant sometimes with other doctors outside the team, and Vaughters, added, was one of the most dangerous arsonists, a sage of substances and biochemistry.

With Del Moral, which replaced in 1999 to Celaya fired because, according Vaughters, was not decided on the issue of doping and Armstrong wanted, is less forgiving the current manager of Garmin. Described as irascible and sharp person joining the team full of syringes and Excel tables with doping schedules and hematocrit data. The syringes of the account to the USADA David Zabriskie, another former teammate - "walked into her room and the second and had a syringe in the arm or in the gut," he jokes-rider, who also reports that EPO Celaya it is delivered in vials and Del Moral, nicknamed El Gato, and arrived in prefilled syringes . Pepe Martí, have worked as auxiliary tasks such as blood transfusion and mail with dangerous products.

While cursing Vaughters system ends and Del Moral, no breaks completely with the Valencian doctor, and as reported two years ago in his excorredor Garmin, Trent Lowe, giving riders the team continued to go to medical consultation.
Nope. Celaya didn't talk for this piece either, or at least nothing is attributed to him.

The article says Vaughters portraits Celaya as a caring doping doctor who was replaced by Del Moral because he wouldn't go as far with the dope as the team management wanted, but that unnamed former teammates speak (off the record) of Celaya as a "firefighter" whose main purpose was "putting down the fires" caused by the riders working independently with external doctors, and they say that Vaughters was one of the heaviest superchargers and an expert in biochemistry and doping.

Take it with a grain of salt the size of the Kaaba. Carlos Arribas knows much and says little, often twisting the truth. For example, he wrote a BS story about Mancebo being given placebos by Fuentes and that he had such a high natural hematocrit he hardly benefited from his doping. Then you see OP's papers. Mancebo's hematocrit in January? 45%.