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Did Valverde Crank Up the Juice for the Ventoux???

Jun 11, 2009
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A) He's going to be suspended imminently

B) He isn't that young

C) He'll probably never be in this position again

What are the chances Valverde popped about 4 liters of epo laced centrifuged blood into himself last night to ensure a little bit of glory on the Ventoux. I mean, blowing 2 + minutes into Contador, Evans, etc is not Valverde style in the least. I reckon he figures that even if he tests triple positive from his control today (if they do one) the UCI won't release it since he'll be suspended anyway...
Jun 9, 2009
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it's sad you really think that way...2 minutes is not an exceptionnal gap, if you see how slow the favourites were riding. and that while valverde and szmyd gave it all. and still, if valverde would have taken something illegal, which he didn't, szmyd would never be able to follow him on the ventoux...so please, think twice
I think it's an interesting discussion. The point about him facing near certain suspension, so why not dope, in a sport plagued with doping? Another in a long list of absurdities regarding the UCI.

As to the answer, probably. Probably the same as Szmyd, Zubeldia, etc. Though as I say, I do believe the sport is cleaner these days.

Actually, in the past Valverde did show signs of being a great climber. Just not with any sustained consistency.

Alex Zulle. Hmmmm. Still upset that you were overjuiced in the 1998 Giro? Or that Pharmstrong outjuiced you in the 1999 Tour? Oh well, Willy says you never responded that well to doping therapy anyway. Should have been born ten years sooner.
The rewards are to little and the risk too great for Contador and Evans to bury themselves on the Ventoux. Their race is in July. Unfortunately ValVerde is already well aware he won't be there, so what would he save it for?
Apr 2, 2009
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god how strange! I was thinking about this the other day, that Valverde would do this. Just as spoken above, this is basically his July. I was actually surprised that Zubeldia came on strong. He has basically been quiet all year.
As far as the juicing aspect of the win, I don't think he would after what he is embroiled in with the Italians. But I am actually surprised that the French allowed him to ride in this event.


schadenfreude said:
jesus frakking christ. what the puck would this forum be without drugs and armstrong?

And you bringing Armstrong into this thread changes that how?