Don't believe in long range attacks and it's succes

Jul 29, 2012
I know some still think teams will attemp a longe attack on froome (maybe not lol)

Yea won't work. I hope i'm wrong but let's look at the facts.

First of all will they even work together? Remember when froome was completely isolated in the tour of 2013 with more than 100km to go? Nothing happened...

Sky's team is way way better than 2013, it's almost impossible to isolate froome. Richie will pull out a richie of course but there's still so many other guys in the team.

Now imagine in an ideal situation. I'm talking here about the very best. Nibali, contador and piti go, they've a teammate with them and somehow froome doesn't follow them. In a descent i guess.

K? Sky will chase, duh. Tj and gesink only care about placements which is their right so their teams will chase. Yea they've a weak team but still. Other teams might too (barguil and gallopin).

Then we also have to hope they've the legs to ride, they got destroyed today and even if they gain let's say 3 minutes tomorrow. Super unlikely of course. Then the dawg destroys them on the plateau and the alpe and so on....

Sad to say but this tour is completely over unless he crashes in the descents which would be pathetic to hope or wish for.
Mar 13, 2015
I dont think anyone really thinks its likely to happen and certainly not likely to succeed, more what people hope will happen
Rolland might be able to getaway with a long range attack, Hesjedal has a record of trying them as well. They will only be able to do it because they are not a real threat. Anyone close to the podium tries and they will either be reeled back in quickly or perhaps left hanging out front and then swept up and spat out the back in the finale of the stage.
Nibali might get away on a descent but given his lack of form even that is highly doubtful because he probably will not be in the leading group when descents might be significant.
In today's age they don't work because the Sky team will put a pace at threshold. Very difficult to disrupt if you ask me.

The closest that I have ever seen to disrupt the Sky train was Quintana at the 2012 Dauphine. And he could manage just some seconds.