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Dr Michael Ashenden takes off the gloves.

Sep 22, 2012
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So it was Mike Turtur who put forward that motion that the UCI passed, what an idiot.
Good on Ashenden on being blunt and trying to expose the truth, hopefully it will get somewhere.
It is sad when in the last couple of days I have heard audio from a press conference of Mueller taking Rogers at his word and defending him as a clean rider. Also hearing Mike Turtur in a radio interview on 891 ABC radio in Adelaide state he would stake his life on Cadel Evans being clean for his whole career. Turtur saying he has no doubt Evans and Wiggins won the Tour clean. Either those in charge in Australia are walking around with their eyes closed or we have a similar problem to the UCI. Do everything you can to protect the image even if it means becoming totally corrupt deceitful liars.

Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
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