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Dubai Tour 2017 discussion thread

Oct 23, 2011
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I saw that some stages actually go outside of the city of Dubai a bit in stage 2 and 3, along the shore as well. Maybe we can get some Qataresque echelons this time around.
Stage 1
Jun 30, 2014
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Kittel bossed the sprint, Viviani almost went backwards (against the big boys) and Consonni finished 8th in his first race as a pro while working for Modolo.
Re: Dubai Tour discussion thread

Delivered perfectly so nobody will be able to beat him.
Groenewegen had to work hard to reach Kittels wheel and he did that once Kittel started his sprint and wether he's capable of passing Kittel is allready a big question mark, but now he allready had to work way to hard to reach that position.
I didnt really follow other sprinters as it's hard enough to track 2 sprinters in the final 4km. Quite lucky it was nr 1 and 2.

Also lottonl messed up. Didnt do any work during the stage and were completely scattered once the final 10km were reached. So they shouldve been fresh to give Groenewegen a good leadout. The again it's easier said then done.