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Dutch translation help??



TRDean said:
I see that too...she is such a special one isn't she.

Once again, I appreciate the help.

No problem. That trick helps in a lot of instances because some of the best cycling journalism is done in Europe.
TRDean said:
Could anyone fluent in Dutch read this article and give a brief overview of the content?

The TdF selection for Skil-Shimano will be based on the riders performance during the Tour of Luxemburg and a training camp in the Alps. Cyril Lemoine and Jonathan Hivert have already been selected. Piet Rooijakkers thinks that Kenny van Hummel's place in the selection is almost certain. The riders that won't go to the TdF will ride the Tour of Qinghai Lake, which is very important for Shimano.

... a lot of words for very little actual information ;)