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Edge 500 'Review' glaring omission

Nov 3, 2009
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How can this review be considered relevant when the 605/705 is only referenced in regard to mounting style??

The 205/305 is not the benchmark here. The 605/705 *long ago* replaced the 205/305 as Garmin's flagship cyclocomputer.

Are there any editors that read the reviews prior to going live?
Mar 4, 2009
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The Edge 500 is a much closer competitor to the 205/305 price-wise, which is why I made those comparisons. In addition, many of the people who opted for the 205/305 instead of the 605/705 did so because of size so the Edge 500's form factor is going to be more appealing to them.

The 605/705 is still the Garmin unit to go for if you need full-blown mapping capabilities but it's in a different class from the 500 as far as I'm concerned.