Eneco Tour 2012 Stage 3

Jul 29, 2012

Here's the profile, I doubt we get much action but maybe you never know. And btw there a lot of climbs which are not noted, if only they made it 40 km shorter...

Edit: good thing that there are boni seconds on 2 climbs, might make things very interesting tomorrow. I've faith.

Vacansoleil might want to take some time back and this is the only stage where you can do something besides the last stage of course.

The last few km seem a bit uphill but based on the graphic for the other clims I bet it's only 2%

And oh yeah I call it: Contador is going to attack, well if someone attacks he'll follow, he won't be able to resist that. And why not? it's a good test
Mar 10, 2009
Stage Route:

Stage Profile:

Not too dramatic but this is the ENECO Tour, sprint for sure! (I hope)
Jul 29, 2012
Contador should practice his sprint on the cauberg, going to be important lol
The GreenEdge plan will be interesting to see. They were expecting to put Kroupis into the leaders jersey and then have him racing for intermediate and finishing sprints to keep the jersey. With his flat tyre in the TTT, he is now out of the picture. They have some very strong ITT' ers near the GC lead in Durbridge, Tuft and Mouris, with Langeveld and Keukeleire on the same time. Durbridge would seem to be the best chance of their riders, so will be interesting to watch how they race. Will they use Kroupis and Howard to do some peleton work at the front and protect these guys or will they let them loose on the sprints.

I think that Kroupis will be really P**** after the flat tyre and will take the stage win.
Beppu/Mouris will domestique.

Keukleire hasn't really done much sprinting so think it will still be Kruopis.

GC-wise: Langeveld, Durbridge, Tuft and Keukleire will all be trying to hold their position, the TT will decide who they protect on Sunday.
May 28, 2012
Forunculo said:
What about Genk finish?

Is it uphill?
If it's the same finish as last year, then yes, about 5% in the last 300 meters.
Only this time the breakaway won't last with the small time gaps in the GC.
1 Theo Bos
2 John Degenkolb
3 Heinrich Haussler
4 Michal Kwiatkowski
5 Manuel Belletti
6 Fran Ventoso
7 Alessandro Petacchi
8 Michael Van Staeyen
9 Alexander Kristoff
10 Jacopo Guarnieri

Keukeleire remains race leader.
Feb 17, 2012
If Degen used just 10 % of the energy he is using on popping his up and down on his legs instead, he would be the best sprinter around...