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ENECO Tour August 17 - 24

Apr 14, 2010
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Richie Porte after his TT in Romandie and Geraint Thomas could push Martin for the win in the prologue, but Martin is probably the favourite
Oct 20, 2009
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No news feeds!

Ferminal said:
Prologue starts today, coverage on Eurosport.

They only have profiles for a few stages listed... does that mean the rest are dead flat? What about the wind?

Stage 3 seems like the most selective, at least in terms of hills:


EBH again?

I am at work and there is no way of following live news feeds online for this tour, so im relying on you guys! :D

Gutted that Wiggins is out. Those last few hills look repetative, lap at the end?
Feb 12, 2010
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I fancy Tony Martin for the last ITT but am looking at the faster guys over a short distance for this. My money's on EBH but also close by will be Boom.

If Henderson has some form he can also do a decent short prologue (he's better than people give him credit for). In fact, Sky will be gutted if they don't win the prologue with riders like EBH, Henderson and Thomas.
Mar 11, 2009
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This race is basically perfectly suited to the kind of riders that Team Sky has, I really hope they can at least win a stage or two.
Mar 8, 2010
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Really bad weather right now.
Hope everyone gets safe through this Prolog and hopefully all riders have same "bad" conditions. :)

I will perhaps go and see the stage to Roermond or Sittard, but for sure the final TT.
heure Nom

14:06 Rabon, Frantisek
14:19 Gerdemann, Linus
14:30 Rasmussen, Alex
14:33 Boom, Lars
15:09 Grabsch, Bert
15:56 Van den Broeck, Jurgen
15:58 Thomas, Geraint
16:19 Henderson, Gregory
16:28 Tuft, Svein
16:32 Klöden, Andreas
16:33 Martin, Tony
16:34 Oss, Daniel
16:35 Ignatiev, Mikhail
16:36 Porte, Richie
16:37 Gasparotto, Enrico
16:38 Roelandts, Jurgen
16:39 Van Emden, Jos
16:40 Boasson Hagen, Edvald