Question eRoad Bikes For Old Boy's - yes or no ?

Feb 10, 2023
I guys, I'm new to the forum (thanks for letting me join) I'll be 75, years young this year, still riding regularly on the road; but no-longer competitive. ex amateur RR & TT cyclist many years ago. Well as age and lot's of Arthritic problems occur and some of my fellow club members have gone over to E-road bikes; (some a good bit younger than me) should I join them and get an e-Road Bike? and if so? what ebike would you recommend ?


Mar 5, 2023
I think that getting an e-bike would be a great solution for you as you will still enjoy riding without a great strain on your legs. Though unfortunately, I don't have any recommendations. Maybe there is someone here with such an experience.
On the one hand I have no idea why you'd solicit the advice of a stranger on the internet on the matter of whether you should get an e bike, but since you did, I would ask you this: what's your plan for dealing with injury? I'm only about half your age, but I broke my leg in a silly MTB accident a few years ago. It was 6 weeks of inconvenience, but I got past it. But for seniors, such an injury can be very difficult to ever come back from, and have more long-lasting consequences if it permanently affects mobility. My current thinking is that when I'm 75, I think I'll be looking for safer ways to stay active (hiking, swimming), rather than ways to keep going fast and putting myself in harm's way. If I got an e-bike, it probably wouldn't be a road bike so much as a hybrid or fitness bike. Well, maybe in 40 more years zwift will be more like real life and I can relive my glory* days virtually.

*in reality, not so glorious
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