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Teams & Riders Everybody needs a little bit of Roglstomp in their lives

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Roundabout in his hometown

This is what happens when he does a lot of TT training. He said before the race he did more TT training this year then he did in the past years. The TT route was perfect for him. But I didn't believe in him if I'm completely honest. Boy how wrong I was...never doubt the guy. He is the epitome of a rider always coming back to top after a major disappointment.
And when he lost the Tour to Tadej he had clearly concentrated on the other main focus: climbing. It's the dilemma for any great rider preparing for a GT and 2020 they weren't quite ready. 2021 he took too many hits.
He definitely can do the job if this is any indication of a focused effort. This should go a long way to dispel the rumors that he's in decline and Remco will dominate all.
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Jul 28, 2021
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Here is a really nice and long story about his racing history from beginning to today's victory:

It is in Slovenian so I would recommend using Google translate.
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A bit of statistics:

  • TT medal on world championships
  • TT medal on Olympic games
  • Won GT
  • Won monument
Apparently only one cyclist in history managed to pull that off so far. I can make a poll but lets say you have one attempt in guessing the name.


The mentioned cyclist doesn't consider himself being a TT specialist but says he can pull off a good TT occasionally. When i guess he trains for it! Don't let the image fool you.

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Ok, same question as in Pogi's case at the Tour. How many minutes over the second guy at the Vuelta?

I wouldn't be so sure. His preparation will be odd and on OG road race he showed he struggled at the end. He has lack of race days and might have problems on hard days and could crack. Top Bernal could make race hard and leave him behind. With prologue and TT he may be ahead a minute or so, but that could be quickly "lost" in moutains against top Bernal or someone else.
Just seeing the stage 1 and 3 profiles. Someone is going to take the jersey early! Going forward, through the stage profiles. Way to go Vuelta. Likely a good GT race ahead!

P.S. If it would be a given to Roglič. What would be the point. Olympic medal was earned and that is just the way we all like it.
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