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Exmoor Beast

Aug 11, 2009
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The Exmoor Beast has gone to Butlins for the next event on the 1st November. The course is perfect and the feeding stations are goning to be just right. We know last year was not the right venue but we had no choice, come on and give the final Sportive a try.

Jul 24, 2009
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To be extra enthusiastic, why not fill your bidons up with this as well?


Maybe not such a good idea...

On a serious note, though, although I won't be riding it, I have always liked the look of that first climb between Dunkery Beacon and Porlock Hill. Is it as tough as either of its siblings?


thats one hell of a route.. i like...

but i dont like it enough to do it.. another year back on the bike and a decent road bike between my calves and maybe.. :)

i will try dig out the photos of the hills around porlock hill and lyton, they where on the hills thread but i dont know where that has gone..