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"Patrick Lefevere flew in with a straight leg last week " I love literal translations of idioms. Is this one a karate allusion?

"certainly not those of his estate agents ": his injuries have forced him to sell his house?
Haven't read the original text but...
No, it' s a football (soccer) analogy. When a player tackles someone with a "straight leg", it means going in hard, because there is a big chance you'll hurt someone.
The other case, i assume Jakobsen has the same agent as Groenewegen, and there would be a conflict of interest.
Lefevere said in an interview that they removed 130(!) stitches from his face and that he only got 1 tooth left.
The most important thing, is that his palate still has to heal, and that one of his vocal chords may end up being damaged. If this is the case, it could impede his respiration and be a big deal as a pro athlete. He also said recovery will take much longer than Evenepoel's.
I read something entirely else from his manager, who did not make any predictions, but said it would not be easy for Jakobsen to become a pro again, that his vocal cords were the biggest problems. At this point I think we (and he) just have to wait and give him time to heal.
But nice that there is hope. I hope that he can deal with this difficult time mentally, because I would hate this insecurity.
Lefevere wants him to join the first training camp in December, if not to actually ride, then just to be part of the group. He still speaks a bit slower but he can eat regular food again, even though it's not easy with only one tooth. Maybe he can start training again in January, though it's still too soon to say, says Lefevere. He says one of the first things Fabio said, was if he would ever dare to sprint again.

In the rest of the interview he also speaks about Bennett in green, Alaphilippe (not) in yellow, Groenewegen, van Aert, Evenepoel...
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The past 2 months have been dominated by my recovery after my crash in the Tour of Poland.
First of all, I had to recover from my brain contusion and other bruises/injuries for a long time.
The wounds/scars on my face are healing up well.
I would like to thank all the staff of the LUMC and in particular Dr. H. Locher and M. Hendriksma for the good care these past months.
On October 8, I will undergo a second surgery to reconstruct my face/mouth.
The surgery takes place at Radboud UMC Nijmegen and I am in the hands of Prof. Dr. S. Bergé and Prof. Dr. G. Meijer.
The surgery involves placing bone, taken from my pelvic crest, in my upper and lower jaw, because a lot of bone is missing there.
This bone will have to heal for several months.
After that, another surgery will take place to put implants in my jaw so that I can get new teeth, as I lost them during my crash.
My last surgery went well and right now the main focus is to let the transplanted bone heal. Both my hip and mouth are painful but day by day I am progressing. Thank you all for the messages I received! It is motivating me to make the best of it and try to get back as strong as possible!
A bit longer message on Instagram (since no stupid character limitation i suppose):

4 weeks after the reconstruction of my upper and lower jaw it was time for the stitches to come out. The process of healing is going well. The transplanted bone has to grow strong and firm for the next 4 months now. Next surgery is scheduled in 2021. In a couple of weeks my pelvic crest should be healed and strong like before again. From then I can slowly start training on the bike again!
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