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Mar 18, 2009
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Favorite Rider: Stuart O'Grady, Robbie McEwen, Jens Voigt, Fabian Cancellara, David Arroyo
Favorite Team: Saxo Bank, Cervelo
Favorite Race: Paris-Roubaix
Favorite cycling moment: Stuart O'Grady winning the 2007 Paris-Roubaix
Favorite cycling specialization: Mountains
Favorite climb: Mt. Ventoux, Alpe d'Huez
Mar 18, 2009
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Won't name favourite rider or team - love the sport, the history, the exploits
Favourite race is probably Paris-Roubaix but the Tour will always have a place in my heart because it was the first race I ever saw live, almost by mistake, aged 4
Favourite cycling moments are too many to mention but I did enjoy Bradley Wiggins taking some shots of Andrea Tafi for me at the Tour of Poitou Charente
Mountains, TTs, sprints and the long, lone breaks of the baroudeurs - love em all
Favourite climb? Whichever one is causing the carnage - but Sestriere rates a mention because of Chiapucci's famous exploit there
Mar 11, 2009
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Favorite Rider: Jens Voigt, K.A.Arvesen, Thor Hushovd, George Hincapie, Alberto Contador.
Favorite Team: CSC, Cervelo.
Favorite Race: Paris-Roubaix.
Favorite cycling moment: Thor winning on Champs-Elysees 2006, Voeckler in TdF 2004, Lance on Louis Arden, Arvesen winning stage 11 last year's Tour, Hincapie winning stage 15 Tdf 2005 after all the years as a domestique, Hincapie's bicycle breaks in half in P-R 2006 (not something I enjoyed seeing, but made a very memorable moment with Big George crying on the side of the road, realising his dream of winning is shattered once again), Cancellara's incredible surge at the end of the RR in 2008 Olympics which got him the bronze medal.
Favorite cycling specialization: Cobbles.
Favorite climb: Mt. Ventoux, Alpe d'Huez, Angliru.
Other favorites: Mur de Huy, Cipressa/Poggio, Ardennes Forest.

I've only followed cycling since 2003 so my memories are mostly from the last six years. Wish I would have been @ the worlds in my hometown Oslo in -93 when Armstrong won. I also find it strange that people are upset that there are mostly fairly new memories that are posted. Well, I know my cycling history very well, but my BEST memories can only come from races that I've personally seen and enjoyed! So that rules out the old champions. This thread is about my favorite things in cycling and I'm going to pick from those I've seen race.
Mar 10, 2009
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Favourite Riders: Stuey O'Grady, Jens Voight, Thor Hushovd, Cancellara
Teams: Cervelo, Barloworld.
Races: TdF, P-R, MSR. Races that test a riders character, as well as ability.
Cycling Moment: O'Grady's P-R win in 2007.
Specialisation: Cobbles. Are Breakaways a speciality?
Climbs: Huez (Classic), Mur de Huy
Favorite Rider: Lucien Petit-Breton, Honore Barthelemy (dude lost his eye and kept racing), Maurice Garin (even though he's a train-riding cheater)
Favorite Team: France
Favorite Race: Paris-Brussels
Favorite cycling moment: Eugene Christophe breaking his fork and fixing it at a blacksmith's, only to be penalized for getting help working the bellows; Francois Faber running his bike to the finish line and the TdF win, after his chain snapped.
Favorite cycling specialization: 600km pennyfarthing races
Favorite climb: Ballon D'Alsace... are there any others?

I am 137 years old and have been watching cycling since the beginning.

Will people here now give me cred?
Mar 13, 2009
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Favorite Rider: (today)Heinrich Haussler, O'Grady, Big Thor, Baden Cooke, (nice bloke - rode with him for a couple of hours, though he has never lived to potential after FDJ) (older) Mockeridge (just the story makes it worth while), Phil Anderson, Le Blaireau (because my name is Blair:) ), the Cannibal (the best ever), Kelly! (nuff said)
Favorite Team: Quickly becoming Cervelo, CA (don't know why) , La Vi Claire
Favorite Race: The big 5 (monuments), plus the Northern Classics, PR is above all.
Favorite cycling moment: O'Grady at PR, Ekimov burning off the entire peloton solo 3 km out at the TdF in about 92-3, Lemond 89 TdF TT, Landis on S17... for a couple of days
Favorite cycling specialization: Cobbled Classics
Favorite climb: No such thing, they all scare me, respect! (One? Mur de Huy, as a classics fan)
Mar 19, 2009
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Favorite Rider: Arvesen, Gilbert, Haussler, Boasson Hagen, F. Schleck and A. Schleck
Favorite Team: Cervelo and Saxo Bank
Favorite Race: The spring classics
Favorite cycling moment: Arvesen stagevictories in Tdf'08 and Giro'07
Favorite climb: Alpe d'Huez
Mar 23, 2009
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Favorite Rider:
past: domestic: Erik Vanderaerden, Johan Museeuw, Wilfried Nelissen - foreign: Gianni Bugno, Claudio Chiappucci
present: domestic: Tom Boonen, Philippe Gilbert, Gert Steegmans - foreign: Sylvain Chavanel
Favorite Team:
past: Mapei(-GB)
present: Quick Step(-Innergetic)
Favorite Jersey:
past: '91 Tulip Computers
present: '05 Saunier-Duval, '05 Acqua e Sapone
Favorite Race: World Championships
Favorite cycling moment: Johan Museeuw winning his third Paris-Roubaix in '02
Favorite stage win:
Jan Nevens winning the 8th stage of the Tour de France in '92
Gert Steegmans winning on the Champs Elysees in the '08 Tour de France
Favorite cycling specialization: Liege-Bastogne-Liege
Favorite climb: Mont Ventoux (always get a buzz when turning left out of the forest at Chalet Reynard and seeing the rocky top)
Favorite commentator:
past: Mark Uytterhoeven, Eddy Planckaert
present: Michel Wuyts (although heavily critisized by some)
Mar 19, 2009
Favorite Riders
Past: Tafi, Bartoli, Tchmil, Ballerini, Museeuw
Present: Boonen, Cancellara, Flecha, Ballan, Voigt
Favorite Nickname
Past: Thomas "The Tank" Wegmuller
Present: Michael "Meatball" Friedman
Favorite Teams
Past: Mapei, Saeco, Casino, Asics, Lotto
Present: Quick Step, Saxo Bank, Garmin, Cervelo
Favorite Team Bike
Past: Colnago Master
Present: Wilier Cento Uno
Favorite Jersey
Past: Saeco, Asics, Mapei
Present: Caisse D'Epargne, Rabobank, Garmin
Favorite Races
All time: 1.Flanders 2.Roubaix 3.Liege
New School: Montepaschi - Eroica Toscana
Favorite cycling moment: Anytime Michele Bartoli attacked!!!
Favorite stage win: All by Cipollini
Favorite climb: The Muur
Apr 1, 2009
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Favorite rider past: Coppi, Bahamontes, Kelly, Abdoujaparov, Pantani & Bettini.
present:Voigt, Basso, Chavanel (Sylvain), Freire
Favorite team past: Renault/Elf/Gitane
present: CSC/Saxo bank
Favorite climb: look at the username
Favorite race: Giro and La Fleche Wallonne
Favorite cycling moment: Pantani destroying Ullrich & Co. on the Galibier & Les Deux Alpes
Favorite Rider:
Past: Win Vansevensant
Present: Tom Veelers, Justin Williams, Dan Holloway, Danny Pate, Sterling Magnell, Jon Baker

Favorite Race:
Past: The Red Zinger
Present: Tour of Colorado: Koppenburg Road Race!

Favorite Team:
Past: 7-11 (who the F else!)
Present: Mafia Racing (US) Elk Haus (Euro) Real Aussie Kids (Devo team)

Favorite Climb:
Past: Brasstown Bald
Present: Old Town Road (Colorado Springs)

Favorite Forum: