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Filling in the Blanks (redacted names in decision)

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Oct 11, 2012
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Hi all,

I have been a long time reader but never posted. Thought this could be useful if we just all figure out the redacted names in USADA's decision and have them in writing so that people who are new can go ahead and get it all together.

True, some of this stuff is guessing, but by a process of elimination and inference we can probably get them all.

I'll start. Hincapie's affidavit states "[In 1996] Rider 4 did very well at the Vuelta a Espana."

Looking at the results, Julich was top 10.

Rider 4: Bobby Julich.

Now, your turn.
May 22, 2009
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Rider 9

Rider 9 = Matt White

The redaction of a name and insertion of ''Rider-9'' is to keep that person's identity anonymous. But it becomes clear in ''Exhibit B'' of Landis' affidavit in a copied document titled ''Forwarded conversation'', sent from Landis to an anonymous recipient on April 30, 2010.

On page 2 of that document, the last two lines of the first paragraph that again refer to 2003 are almost verbatim to what Landis said in his affidavit. They read: ''While training for that Vuelta, I spent a good deal of time training with Matthew White and Michael Barry and shared the testosterone and EPO that we had and discussed the use thereof while training.''
Mar 16, 2009
Stole this from dim at VR

this is the current list. Bold are definates, unbold are ones from other sites that we havent checked
The Unknown Riders
Rider 1 - Likely Salvodelli
Rider 2 - Rubiera or Beltrán
Rider 3 - Adriano Baffi is the only Italian on USPS in 1997
Rider 4 -Bobby Julich or Andrea Peron. Both referenced by Hincapie. But later referenced by Jaksche as riding for CSC.
Riders 5 - Rubiera or Beltrán
Rider 6 - Pavel Padrnos
Rider 7 - Heras. Referenced by Jaksche as having tested positive in 2005 Tour of Spain, also referenced by Jaksche as being in Dr Fuentes notes (see post 1)
Rider 8 - Victor Hugo Pena
Rider 9 - Matthew White
Rider 10 - Jose Azevedo
Rider 11 - Vyatcheslave Ekimov
Rider 12 - Benhamin Noval
Rider 13 - Chann McRea ref
Rider 14 - Michael Rasmussen
Rider 15 - Chris Horner - Rode Tour de Suisse following Injury
Rider 16 - Popovych
Rider 17 - possibly Marty Jemison
Rider 18 - Dylan Casey
Rider 19 - Yaroslav Kjaergaard
Rider 20 - Antonio Cruz, Julian Dean, or Jamie Burrow, possibly Benoit Joachim (see rider 13) only riders on Lux squad not already known
Rider 21 - possibly Antonio Cruz
Rider 22 -
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