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Florian Lipowitz is the new German GC hope discussion thread


Is this thread too early? Probably. Is it too hyped? Also probably. But after that demonstration of strength today in Romandie it had to be done.



What a ride today in the tough mountains of Romandie. Nobody expected this, maybe not even Lipowitz himself. He did win the Czech Tour last year sure, so he's had wins before, but not again the competition of this caliber. I think he is sure to have a great 2024 season.

He's been riding for Bora now for two years, and it seems he is extended for next year as well. A good signing for Bora as well, and if current events are anything to go by they might just sign him for a few more years as well.
The circumstances are a major factor in its success. Many of the guys have been racing for 3 months and this is their last race before a break. While he's peaking for next week...
Yet his opponents are not exactly pannenkoeks as Wout Poels would say and especially the few Giro riders were nowhere. I think the way more important circumstance was how hard the pace on the stage was because I don‘t think he can drop a watt bomb and follow everyone on an Unipuerto stage.
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Really didn't see that coming. In fact his Tour de Czech win last year already felt a bit as an outlier. Also was never a spectacular junior. Or at least not better than some other guys on Team Tirol like Messner. But I guess some are als just "late bloomers".
Did you know he used to be a biathlete? Can‘t be a spectacular junior if you start in the U23
50% of biathlon is cross country skiing. I can see why that sport might translate into road cycling potential. More so than ski jumping for example.
Splitting hairs here but I think the skiing is probably more than half of the formula for success in biathlon. But the point is that it's not cycling any more than Zwift is, and we've seen how much difficulty Zwift stars face when plying their trade in meatspace.