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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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It is suggested that all members read this post about forum etiquette. When in doubt, let common sense be your guide, but some people wonder about specifics, so here is a general list of rules or guidelines.

1. No foul language, nor circumventing forum "censors" in order to do so.

2. No spam. This includes spam in signatures, even if cycling related.

3. Illegal, libelous, or slanderous posts or threads will not be tolerated, and result in infractions or bans.

4. Impersonating others, be they famous or not, will not be tolerated. Nor will creating user names of well known people, unless as an obvious parody.

5. No links to pornography, or posting of pornographic images. This includes exceedingly graphic or jarring images of violence, etc as well.

6. No personal attacks.
. . .a) No insulting other members. This includes counter-insults ("he started it").
. . .b) No caustic insults or humiliation of individuals in public outside of this forum. Most public figures may be considered fair game for criticism or lampooning, but again, use common sense.
. . .c) No discriminatory remarks of any kind. Bringing up someone's race, religion, creed or similar for anything other than reference will not be tolerated.
. . .d) Blatant lying, baiting, or teasing other members will not be tolerated.

7. Remarks, references or comparisons to infamous individuals (Hitler, Stalin, Nazis, etc) will not be tolerated.

8. No posting of personal information of other members.

Issuing claims of information or quotes without listing sources or links will result in warnings or infractions.

10. Re-registering after a ban under a new name will result in a potential lifetime ban.

11. Creating threads or posts on the subject of doping in a forum other than The Clinic will result in warnings, or stiff infractions.

12. Posting off-topic in threads, or "hijacking" threads will result in warnings or infractions.

13. Creating new threads about topics already being covered in other threads will result in the thread being deleted or merged, and a warning. It's up to you to be familiar with at least the first page of each forum, and how the search feature works.

14. Copying bodies of text or images from copyrighted sources and posting them here breaches the author/owner's copyright. Post links to the legal host of such items instead. Violations will result in deletion of the items in question, warnings and/or infractions.

Posting messages in the open forum that have been passed on from members currently serving a suspension is unacceptable as it is considered assiting someone to circumvent a ban. Assisting a banned member in this manner will potentially result in a suspension of a similar length.

16. Signatures: contain information that you want to include at the bottom of all your posts. This might include pictures, links to your site(s), quotes, etc. Personal blogs or websites are acceptable. For-profit, or any type of company or organization where money is being exchanged is NOT acceptable. If you wish to advertise on this web site, please contact

Violating any of these rules will result in warnings or infractions and the post or thread being removed. Egregious violations of these rules will result in bans ranging from one week, to months, or even lifetime bans.

Moderators are generally pleased to let discussion flow and not interfere but they have the ability to warn and potentially remove members from the forums if they're acting in an inappropriate manner. If anything concerns you and appears to be either offensive or libelous please notify us by clicking on the red and white triangle above each post. You may also contact moderators or administrators via PM directly.

If you have any questions about the forum, or any of these guidelines, do not hesitate to ask a moderator or administrator, or post them in the About The Forum section.

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